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Dom needs a home - Stony Creek, VA

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Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier mix?

Sex: Male

Age: 2 years approx

Size: Medium

Color: Black and white

Coat: Smooth

Notes: Meet Dom, an adorable Staffie who is eagerly looking for his forever home. He is a true sweetheart, with a gentle and loving nature that will warm your heart. Although he may appear a bit scared in the shelter, Dom's hopeful eyes and wagging tail reveal his yearning for love and comfort. One of his favorite things in the world is belly rubs! Give him a gentle scratch on his tummy, and you will see his eyes light up with pure joy. It is incredible how such a simple gesture can bring so much happiness to this lovable pup. Dom thrives on affection and will quickly become your loyal companion, always by your side, ready to offer his unwavering love and devotion. While Dom may seem timid in the shelter environment, it is important to remember that shelters can be overwhelming for many animals. With a patient and understanding adopter, Dom will blossom into the confident and loving dog he is meant to be. He just needs someone to see past his initial fear and provide him with a safe and nurturing environment. He deserves a chance to experience the warmth and security of a loving family. By adopting Dom, you not only give him a second chance at happiness but also gain a loyal and devoted companion who will

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This dog has been available for 89 days

If you are interested in Dom phone 804-898-5371 for an appointment or stop by to meet him at Sussex County Animal Shelter. We are open Monday-Friday: 1pm-4pm. For other times please call 804-898-5371 to make an appointment, Closed Saturday, Sunday and Holidays but you may be able to make an appointment for these days.

Still available for adoption on this date: Apr 24th, 2024

Dogs are claimed, adopted and rescued everyday so please contact us to check that this dog is available.

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Disclaimer: Although every effort is made to ensure these details are accurate, the webmaster and Sussex County Animal Shelter cannot be held responsible for any problems arising from the information displayed here.

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